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Welcome to the Welcome to the World of Computers, 4th Edition student web page. Use the links below to navigate to material for the lesson you are studying.

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Student exercise files are not needed for this course.
However, you should download and read Storing Your Exercise Files.

PowerPoint Presentations

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Concepts Review Quizzes

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WebSims and Lesson Links

Lesson 1:
Mouse Practice

Lesson 5:
Hands-On 5.5: Navigate with Links
Hands-On 5.6: Navigate Back and Forth
Hands-On 5.8: About Broadband
Skill Builder 5.1: Browsing National Parks

Lesson 6:
Hands-On 6.1: Add a Search Provider
Hands-On 6.2: Search with the Address Bar
Hands-On 6.3: Narrow a Search
Hands-On 6.4: Open Links in Tabs
Hands-On 6.5: Navigate Tabs (Complete HO 6.4 before proceeding to HO 6.5)
Hands-On 6.6: Add Favorites (Complete HO 6.4 before proceeding to HO 6.6)
Hands-On 6.7: Use the History View (Complete HO 6.4 before proceeding to HO 6.7)
Hands-On 6.8: Print a Web Page

WebSims and Lesson Links (cont.)

Lesson 7:
Links to Popular Webmail Services
Hands-On 7.1: Sign In to Webmail
Hands-On 7.2: Compose and Send an Email Message
Hands-On 7.3: Check for New Messages
Hands-On 7.4: Reply to a Message
Hands-On 7.5: Sign Out of Webmail
Skill Builder 7.1: Send an Email Message
Skill Builder 7.2: Check for Mail and Reply to Messages
Skill Builder 7.3: Forward a Message

Lesson 8:
Hands-On 8.1: Check Your Security Settings
Hands-On 8.2: Run Windows Update
Hands-On 8.3: Download a File
Hands-On 8.4: Save an Attachment
Hands-On 8.5: Attach a File to a Message
Hands-On 8.6: Forward a Message with an Attachment
Skill Builder 8.1: Send Attachments
Skill Builder 8.2: Receive and Open an Attachment
Skill Builder 8.3: Forward a Message

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